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Excellence and Equity

Top 10 reason to enroll your child @ Bhagavathi IMO Academy
  1. Digital classes
  2. Differentiated Instruction
  3. Highly trained & experienced staff
  4. Special language training.
  5. Great after school programmes.
  6. Curriculum that teaches higher level thinking skills.
  7. Exposure to other world / cultures
  8. Saves driving time.
  9. Family like community.

Your best choice is your neighbourhood school.

Our School

At Bhagavathi IMO Academy your child engages in a rigorous curriculum that is apart if a dynamic learning environment. We capitalize on the strength of our caring and the best qualified staff through our ideal class sizes and lively environment.

Education has always been a key to a successful future. Even mere so today, children need to be prepared with a solid foundation of basic and strategies to investigate, learn and think about topics in depth.

At Bhagavathi IMO Academy we are committed to providing the building blocks to that bright future in a warm and nurturing environment.

Our Programme

Every child at Bhagavathi schools is expected to achieve at high levels when it comes to academics. We are committed to provide academic challenge as well as guidance and support to meet the challenge. Imported elements of learning at Bhagavathi schools are.

  • Commitment to customize education for students.
  • Class sizes KG to X averaging 30.
  • Talented and gifted programming.
  • Clear and focused math & science programme with opportunity for acceleration.
  • Literacy based English subject.
  • Research based social studies and science topics.
  • Strategies to investigate learn and think about topics in depth.
  • Integrated curriculum instruction co-ordinates with academic support classroom content.
Our Extra Activities

We know that today’s world is changing day to day with different cultures coming together in our day to day life. To live and thrive in our global village our student need expanding learning opportunities. At Bhagavathi we provide youngsters the thrill and challenge of learning special focus on language ( communication) neighbourhoods. We incorporate language lab into daily instruction for speaking language (English) In addition to the above, other enrichment opportunities offered during the school day after school.

  • Mat challenge, Drama
  • Dance, Cross grade
  • Science club, Film club
  • Citizenship awards, Yoga.
Our Results

When it comes to the academics performance Bhagavathi delivery.Students of Bhagavathi are making steady, measurable gains in achievement on all areas.

-Visit: Face book to it. “ Learning is not about filling in the bubbles………. It’s connecting the dots”

-Shris Dodd

Our Staff

Our staff is comprised of a wonderful blend of skilled and fresh, Energetic teachers. These teacher are together to create and integrated learning environment.Teachers, Staff and management are viewed as members of our extended family… Bhagavathi Parivaar.Their dedication and commitment to all of the students has no comparison.

Our community

Bhagavathi offers more than just academics. We provide a unique opportunity to learn in a diverse environment. We consider this as one of our great strengths. Resent studies have found that students who participated various programmes have a higher comfort level. It increased sense of civic engagement and a greater desire to live and work in multiracial settings. We work hard at Bhagavathi to create a caring cohesive community and prepare our students for our increasingly diverse society. We offer many opportunities for them to get involved.

  • An active and vibrant
  • Successful fundraisers
  • Precipitation in social programs
  • Festive fall carnivals
Challenge ! Engage ! Inspire …


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