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Children have high level inner potential our surface to surface and surface to air missiles. we believe that every life has own purpose. so we should think great and so great Dr.A.P.J Abdul Kalam who is the father of our integrated guided missile development programme is our inspiration. Our High level target is lead india-2020.

House System of the Bhagavathi School

Mr. Ramana Rao and Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi will take the responsibility for coordinating the house system.

Our Hope is that as a result of the house system,children will get more involved in extra curricular activities.increase aspirations through academic competition.A distinct set of values and characteristics from their house which will help them.

Elixr House

Elixr House is name after the surface to surface ballistic missile.the house represents courage. This house colour is Red, which is the color of vitality and ambition it also symbolizes bravery and strength. the motto is “Nothing is worthwhile unless it is difficult”. “Take me as I am”.

Cosmos House

Cosmos House is named after the surface ti air ballistic missile. The house represents character. T this house colour is yellow. which is a happy and uplifting color with intellect memory clear thinking decision making and good judgement. yellow builds self confidence and encourages optimism. the motto is ” Faithfulness and thankfulness” “we suck dry the teats of virtue

Oasis House

Oasis House named after surface to to surface ballistic missile.The house represents culture. The house colour is green which creates feelings of comfort,relaxation and calmins.It hel us balance and soothe our emotions. The motto is “May the work be light” I live and die for the those I love

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